Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Information for Landlords

The Bennington Housing Authority Board and staff thank landlords that currently house Section 8 program participants.  Our program is successful because of your participation.  We appreciate your willingness to work with our program to help low-income, elderly, disabled and veteran households, as well as families with children to have affordable housing which meet their needs.

We, at all times, have households with Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers looking for apartments in Bennington and surrounding communities.  We encourage and welcome new landlords interested in participating in the program. 

Please consider a number of the benefits of the Section 8 Program:

  • You will get timely and dependable payments from Bennington Housing Authority.  In many cases, the BHA payment will be a significant portion of your tenant’s rent.
  • When a tenant’s income decreases, BHA’s portion of the rent will increase, so that you can continue to receive your full rent payment.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which funds  our Section 8 HCV program, has recently launched an initiative to encourage landlord participation in the program and has produced the following fact sheets to further explain the program to housing providers. 

Housing Choice Voucher Facts

Interested In Becoming an HCV Landlord?

HCV Myth Busting and Benefit Fact Sheet

HCV General Leaseup Process

If you are interested in participating in the Section 8 HCV program, want to learn more or want to list an apartment with us, please contact Penny Taylor, Section 8 Program Director, at 802-442-8000, ext. 212 or, by e-mail at