The Willowbrook housing complex opened in 1973, and consists of ten buildings in total.  Nine of the buildings provide family apartment housing. There are two, three, four and five bedroom apartments available for families.  The five bedroom apartments are all located in one building of the complex. Most apartments are designed with the living areas in the downstairs portion, and the bedroom(s) in the upstairs.  This complex also has two units that are designed for wheelchair accessibility. The complex contains a total of 75 family apartments each with their own mailbox; there are also a playground, common area green spaces, and sidewalks through those areas.  There are parking lots between building, and each building has access to trash and recycling bins.

The complex, located at 22 Willowbrook Drive, also contains a community Building, which houses the BHA staff and offices, the Maintenance and Engineering departments and staff, public bathrooms and a large community room. Molly Stark Elementary school is located across the street from the complex itself.

The complex is also located near numerous stores which are within walking distance.  There is public bus transportation available from the complex to a wide range of locations in town and in the wider tri-state area.